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I joined the KSL Eyewitness News team on April 15, 1998. Little did I know, I would soon be identified with covering Utah's political leaders and government for the station, a position I take very seriously.

But my beat won't stop me from covering other things, too. Over my nearly 20 years in TV news, I have won awards for covering spot news, for investigative and special reports. I was nominated for two regional emmy awards; for reports I did on a serial killer in Indiana and Illinois; and for on going coverage of a woman who remembered--10 years after the fact--that her mother had killed her father. During those early years, I gained valuable experience covering police and courts at the beginning of my career.

Politics seems to be part of every job I’ve had. I’ve covered state capitols in Michigan, Indiana, Idaho and Utah. Covered four presidents; interviewed Vice President Dan Quayle the day before he was nominated to take that position; and got Barbara Bush's attention for an exclusive interview during a Presidential trip to Grissom Air force base in Indiana.

There's no better job for me. It's always something new, and I try to do stories that are clear and that people can relate to, no matter how complicated the subject or how seemingly mundane the topic.

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